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Canazim Forte (20LTR)

Canazim Forte (20LTR)

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Biological treatment of greasy waste and grease traps. Canazim Forte contains selected bacteria that separate enzymes. 

Enzymes and bacteria rapidly eliminate organic-based waste and grease.
Liquid form: Liquid product that can be measured and applied automatically
Environmentally friendly: The product contributes to the protection of the environment by helping to treat and clean waste water.
Safe for operators: CANAZIM FORTE does not contain alkaline products, acids or solvents.
Odor treatment: The product removes unpleasant odors and has a fresh scent

If the grease trap is clean, pour Canazim Forte into it as a protective buffer solution. Let sit for 2 days, then start with general maintenance. If the grease trap is lightly soiled, first pour in the prescribed amount for cleaning the trap. As soon as the trap is clean, pour the prescribed amount directly into the trap for maintenance. After using Canazim Forte, it is always necessary to rinse with warm water in order to support the maintenance process. For all other types of pipes, it is recommended to apply the product at the end of the day so that Canazim Forte can work overnight.

PRECAUTIONS FOR USE: Storage temperature: 5°÷30 °C. Water that is hotter than 50 °C (122 °F), bleach, disinfectants and chemical drain cleaners destroy the power of Canazim Forte.

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